Tableau vivant: souvenir ramené de la ville

Multimedia installation

Amsterdam (NL)

Unidentified. Objects of curiosity. Exotics. Objects of desire. Strangers in their own country. How do Black European Womxn construct their identity in the face of the White gaze? This mixed media installation activates when Roxane performs.
The objects used for the four scenes were designed by Juliette Delarue.

Sculpture drawing Photography Print Textile Book Fashion design Spoken words

View of the installation.
Photographer Roxane Mbanga

Textile prints.
Photographer Juliette Delarue

Ceramic and copper sculptures.
Photographer Juliette Delarue

Acrylic resin sculptures.
Photographer Juliette Delarue

June 2019 I Amsterdam

Photographer Juliette Delarue

Copper and acrylic resin sculpture

Scans of the A6 postcards for «Tableau vivant: souvenir ramené dans la ville.».

A5 Booklet.

A5 Booklet.

A5 Booklet.